So, says Robert Mueller, ace detective, “If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so. We did not, however, make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime.”

He also says, “It would be unfair to potentially— it would be unfair to potentially accusesomebody of a crime when there can be no court resolution of the actual charge.” The repetition is Mueller’s, the emphasis is mine.

Now. it seems to me that it would be a clever trick to reconcile those remarks. In the first statement this gutless wonder, Mueller, potentiallyaccuses Donald Trump of a crime. In the second, he whines about the unfairness of it.

From May 2017, through May 2019, at cost of, at least, $35,000,000.19 (additional 19¢ mine, but they probably spent it) this is the best they can come up with? So, they indicted a few Russian spies and jailed a few minor DC players, certainly that could have been done at lower cost with more forfeiture money going into the Justice Department till.

Mueller’s fifteen minutes of fame lasted a full two years. The rancor, divisiveness and the rage that his “methodical probe” provoked will linger for a long time, even though his name will float around for a while before settling in that not so special place reserved for the names of vice-presidential candidates.

How can a man stand in front of a nation and spew double-talk and outright drivel like:

“Those were the principles under which we operated. And from them, we concluded that we would not reach a determination one way or the other about whether the president committed a crime. That is the office’s final position…”

“At one point in time, I requested that certain portions of the report be released and the attorney general preferred to make — preferred to make the entire report public all at once and we appreciate that the attorney general made the report largely public. And I certainly do not question the attorney general’s good faith in that decision.”

His farewell was filled with doubletalk and obfuscation. Mueller did not have the courage to say what the facts revealed: there was nothing criminal in the president’s conduct.

And his wishy-washy conclusions were built on a bedrock of criminal behavior by members of the previous administration and the intelligence community. Hopefully the indictments in those quarters will come more swiftly, more definitively and at lower cost.

About Daniel Botnick

Grandfather, great grandfather, erstwhile merchant, non profit executive. Real old.
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