Breaking Up Facebook Won’t Be Very Hard to Do

Robber Barons

Everybody’s mad at Facebook. It’s in the news everyday, lately with regard to Russians using it to meddle in our political processes.

We had come to rely on it as a trusted friend, a way to connect with old friends, to keep with children and grandchildren, to get the real skinny on the news. Instead it turned out to be a monstrous thief, stealing everything from our social contacts and our spending habits to our psyches (On the web, privacy in peril).

So, what exactly is this monster. Well, it was an easy to use means of putting interesting information on the web. about yourself, current affairs or just items of interest. In addition, you couldreach out to other people, some already connected to you and some you’d never met,   on the site.

I became reconnected to several old friends via Facebook.

Because of Facebook’s ease of use and social usefulness it grew exponentially, according to the company over a billion people use it.

As if its natural growth were not enough, Facebook acquired two other major social media sites, Instagram (100,000,000 users every month) and WhatsApp with 1,000,000,000 users, as well.

Does it sound as if Facebook may have significant impact on the dissemination of information? Could Facebook influence elections? Could it build or destroy reputations? Cause murders or suicides?

It has been “credited” with all those things.

Is Facebook out of control? If you sought a similar competitive social media site where would you look?

Nowhere! Facebook owns them all. It does what it wants to. There is no independent alternative!

Facebook is a true monopoly, one with ability to change the course of world affairs should be inclined to do so. Or anything else that strikes its principal’s fancy.

Meanwhile, it’s raking in cash at an astounding rate by selling advertising, overt and covert, liminal and subliminal.

This is an an entity – it’s hard to call it a business, there’s never been anything like it – that should bed broken up. At the very least, it should be compelled to divest itself of the competitors that it had gobbled up.

This should be done now. It will do the shareholders no harm. On the contrary it will be profitable for them. And it will relieve society of a manipulative stranglehold  that makes dictatorships look benign in comparison.

About danielbotnick

Ancient sage – arch conservative – trifle daft – old retailer – old designer – old social activist. Seen lots, done lots; happy to offer the fruits of my blissfully ignorant experiences.
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