Trump Trumps Kim Jong Un



President Trump faces down a dreadful, violent, unpredictable dictator with delusional aspirations of world domination and it goes unnoticed by a hysterical, malicious press in the face of an artificial crisis created by a mindless mob fighting over a symbol of a war lost long ago.

So, what are the actual headlines? Trump Fails to Condemn Nazis and KKK by Name. The president, through tough talk, diplomacy and a show of force, has forestalled a possible nuclear conflagration and the best the press can dredge up is the suggestion (or outright accusation) that he supports Nazis and “white supremacists.”

By the way, when I last checked, the white supremacists weren’t too crazy about Jared and Ivanka, which, I suppose, according to the press, leaves President Trump in a bit of a bind. It should be clear to even the most wet-behind-the ears tyro journalist, even of the “advocacy” persuasion, that President Trump in no way sympathizes with any form of bigotry.

I’m going leave the hair-splitting of the relative merits, or demerits, of the feces throwing antifas and the head bashing white supremacists to finer minds than mine. It is abundantly clear that the president sees through the fog of youth and ignorance that envelops both groups. The utter mindlessness of the demonstrators allows for a certain amount of immoral equivalency.

The essential issue is that President Trump has accomplished something that the Obama/Clinton administrations hadn’t the fortitude, will or ability to accomplish. He has made it clear to a belligerent, murderous regime that any antagonistic overtures will be met with firm diplomacy and he has left no doubt the United States will act decisively when circumstances demand it.

A more balanced and intelligent press would recognize this and empower the president rather than place obstacles in his path. There is plenty of room for criticism. The president certainly can work on being more thoughtful and deliberate in his statements as he said he was before calling out the Nazis and the KKK by name. Remember, it was President Obama who rushed to judgment in every potentially racially motivated incident leading to more lawlessness and violence.

President Trump has done a hell of a job considering the ruthless forces arrayed against him including the Clinton/Obama/Soros “resistance” and the WaPo/NYT/CNN axis of vitriol. Let’s be grateful that we have a president who understands the difference between right and wrong and conducts himself in the way that has engendered respect for the United States throughout our history.

Just to keep my personal record straight: I’m a survivor of the ‘60s. I was a friend of Abbie Hoffman (Google him,. I deplore and grieve over the deaths of innocents, from Heather Heyer to the millions of others who, throughout history died at the hands of and through the offices of maniacs and lunatics. I am neither a liberal or a conservative. I am an American doing my best to find the truth as I sort through the debris of events.

About Daniel Botnick

Grandfather, great grandfather, erstwhile merchant, non profit executive. Real old.
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